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THE REBIRTH OF THE FLAME by artist Tania Pomales

$ 270.00

Oil on wood panel, 9" x 12”, framed to 14"x17" in a hand embellished frame (copper leaf)

Via Tania: I've always been fascinated by the Phoenix. I also really love roses. I love the resilience in both of these things.... The phoenix rises from its ashes, burning hot and bright, with the fire of a 1000 suns, each time going forth into a new cycle.

The rose, a very hearty plant, rises year after year where it is planted no matter the weather. The rose withers, turns black and brown, and the petals fall back to its pile of dirt only to rise again more beautiful than the time before.

I also love this symbolism because we are all the phoenix and the rose. Every time we burn, we rise again. My mom has these roses in her yard that, when the sun hits them just right, they look like balls of fire floating in the air. That's also what inspired me to add it here.

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