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THE PRISONS OF OUR CHILDHOOD by artist Anima ex Manus Art Dolls (Ioanna Tsouka)

$ 380.00
Mixed media, 11.5" tall x 5" wide (30 cm x 13 cm)
About the piece: A home is traditionally a concept connected with safety and tranquility. A pleasant, soothing and secure place. A home is a sanctuary; for most people.
But there are also those who live or lived in homes where no one laughs and no one says "I love you". And those, that can't let go of all the terrifying memories and dreadful early experiences, carrying all the emotional weight from their broken homes and childhoods.
For those, home is a constant threat, filled with panic and fear - and they still can't sleep at night.
In this deeply personal piece, I explored the idea of home, as an anchor of our childhood, our starting point; anchor turned into chains, binding us to the past.

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