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THE MAKEOVER by artist Lori Herbst

$ 400.00

Marker Makeover is a textile piece created with hand-cut and sewn glitter upholstery vinyl. The background is a UV printed page, on glitter vinyl, from a 1970’s Sears catalog. The piece is ready to hang and 25”x 19” including the 3” wide silver frame.

In the second to the last image, you will see a Barbie that Lori "made over". It is included with the adoption of this piece; Windex bottle is there for scale, but not included, ha! 

There were few things I enjoyed more, in my childhood, than chopping off my dolls’ hair, giving them make-up with permanent markers, slathering nail polish across their hands and feet, and making clothes out of tissues, bags and tape. This was often followed by disappointment and envy of my sister’s pristine collection.

Marker Makeover gave me the opportunity to recreate that feeling of completely naughty joy without the inevitable consequences.


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