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THE LICHEN CLUB by artist Alexandra Lukaschewitz

$ 490.00
Paper, wire & glass beads, 6.3" tall in a 8" tall glass dome

Mutual curious interests can form a strong foundation for a friendship.
Like the one of these two, who are the founders and so far only members of the "Lichen Club" a fine institution dedicated to the appreciation of the marvelous lichen.

About the artist: The Munich artist Alexandra Lukaschewitz creates sculptures and pictures from paper. Her anthropomorphic creatures quote pop culture as well as natural history. She has a fondness for the curious, the wonderful, the fragile.

Antique book stores, old-fashioned museums and flea markets are where she finds inspiration and materials for her artworks.

Alexandra is the co-founder and curator of Dog & Pony - a personal Wunderkammer and pop-up gallery space in Munich.

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