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THE HEALER by artist Anita Inverarity

$ 296.25 $ 395.00
Pen/Pencil/Foil, 8" x 8", framed to 14" x 14"

I haven't really found the words to express my sadness and concern for Australia at the moment. I know so many people there and have heard from some affected by the devastating fires.

Although I started this piece before events unfolded, I completed him at the start of the new decade with quite another frame of mind.

I wanted my Kookaburra to represent healing and renewal and a wish for us all to respect and support the massive healing that our planet needs right now.

The Magenta jewel represents universal harmony, healing and compassion. The Snake is a strong symbol of renewal and life giving energy. Australian Aboriginals associate the Rainbow Serpent with rains, rivers and watering holes, so on closer reflection I had everything in this piece already that I wanted to convey. 

Conservation status:
All kookaburra species are listed as Least Concern. Australian law protects native birds, including kookaburras.

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