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SYBIL by artist Mavis Leahy

$ 48.00

This piece is part of Mavis' "Frozen Charlotte Miniature Shrines" series.

Antique "Frozen Charlottes" are circa mid 1800s to early 1900s. A "Frozen Charlotte" is a specific form of china or bisque doll made in one solid piece without joints. The name "Penny doll" is also used. The dolls had substantial popularity during the Victorian era.

Mavis acquired these about 25 years ago from a retired gentleman in Germany. He would go to the bombed out factory sites and dig up these little lovelies. 

Mavis is not a doll person, but the fact that these dolls survived such destruction touched her. They were never played with or loved - a terrible fate for a doll. Mavis names them and makes them their own personal shrine - they live on.


Antique "Frozen Charlotte" embellished with antique and vintage fabrics, trims and findings, 2 1/4" x 5"


Shown in last photo with its sister pieces (sold separately).



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