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SWAMP THING by artist Samantha Jane Mullen

$ 487.50 $ 650.00

Pyrography, graphite and white ink on layered basswood cut-outs, 13" x 7.5"

This piece is in honor of Black-crowned Night Herons. The two depicted are juvenile and have not yet fully grown into the coloring of adults. I chose these birdies because they are living proof that human action can save the lives of our feathered friends. Hooray for proactive optimism! Oh and they've been known to eat bullfrogs and I think that's wild.

Conservation status according to

"Populations have probably declined in 20th century owing to habitat loss and, in mid-century, effects of DDT and other persistent pesticides. Following the banning of DDT, many local populations have increased in recent years. Water pollution is still a problem in some areas, but overall population probably stable or increasing."


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