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SISTER AND THE SENTINEL by artist Brooke Kent

$ 1,200.00

Acrylic on canvas, 11” x 14”, framed to 14" x 17"

This via Brooke: 🖤 I love how nature speaks to us in synchronicity. ..The same day I started working on this painting, a pair of crows caught my attention by flying by my studio window and peering at me from the neighbor's roof.

Throughout the day I could hear them heckling my dogs from atop the angles of wires that cross our property. The very second the dogdoor opened they would start an unholy racket of cawing at them, and then thankfully abruptly stop when the dogs disappear back inside the house.

I swear it sounded like they are screaming "DAWG-DAWG-DAWG-DAWG-DAWG-DAWG" over and over again, off and on, all day long. I'm also pretty sure that Tsula and Oso are as intrigued by our newcomers' presence as Mateo and I are, even though we are all basically getting yelled at for HOURS by these two intrusively loud birds. No complaints tho- I've always loved watching crows, so their big mouths are totally welcome here.

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