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SACRED HEART 3 by artist Emma Mount

$ 90.00

Oil on wood panel, 4” x 4”

SACRED HEART is a depiction of a "milagro" (miracle). "Milagros" are small metal religious charms depicting hearts, arms, legs, praying people and animals. They are typically nailed to crosses, statues of saints, sacred objects, or hung with little red ribbons from altars and shrines.

In Mexic
o, the use of milagros is connected with an institution known as the "manda". A manda is a vow to a saint whose assistance is sought because s/he specializes in a specific cause or miracle.

In order to repay the saint after the favor has been granted, one must make a pilgrimage to the shrine of that saint, and take a milagro and leave it there. Milagros are also carried for protection and good luck.


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