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ROSE SAW GOD IN HER EYES by artist Jana Seven (Rag and Bone Dolls)

$ 475.00
Wire, clay, linen, mohair

“Rose always knew God lived in her eyes. She could see him in her reflection, she could feel him. He was like a peaceful thunder that rolled from limb to torso then erupted through her eyes. When they shut her away, she knew he was still there. She no longer needed to tell anyone, she no longer needed words. She was silent, and she sparkled like lightning.”

Rose is inspired by women who were, historically, institutionalized for having visions. Rose’s circumstances are unknown, but her imagined thoughts and feelings have been woven into her dress and into her eyes.

jana seven is a self-taught artist living in New England. Her work pulls from nature, dreams and folk tales. Her obsessive fascination with the past, and the beauty and importance of death and decay pervade her thoughts and haunt her work. Jana’s work can be found in private collections around the world.

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