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RHEA: LETTING GO by artist Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll's Lounge)

$ 650.00
Mixed media: Rhea is hand sculpted from paper clay and built over a solid wire armature. Her costume is hand sewn and includes golden glass beads, a flower on the front, and a bird-like tail on the back. Her hair is made with mohair. 
She is not poseable but has been engineered with a birdie attached at her head which will flap its wings when the knob is turned! 

About the doll: 
Some time ago, Simona and I chatted about children leaving home. She imagined children as birds that leave their nest. Based on this feeling, Simona created this doll to express the wider concept of "Letting Go".
This beautiful lady who has a bird-nest-like hair style, from which a birdie flies away, symbolizes letting go of thoughts, people, and things that we have no control over. 
It can be applied to so many circumstances in our lives. Letting go of what we cannot control may be extremely difficult, but it can mean freedom, and that is why the lovely Rhea has a very serene facial expression.

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