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Oil on stretched canvas, 8” x 17”

Poor Morris! You fell down the stairs again! - 
Morris was a red-headed baby doll that I had at a very young age. She eventually (soon) became a nasty mess. She was named after the popular orange tabby cat from the commercials at that time (the one with the attitude). My Morris belched, and made some other noises, so I enjoyed throwing her down the stairs to hear her make “bleh, bleh, bleh” sounds all the way down. As she would “accidentally” fall, I would call to her, “Oh no!!! Poor Morris!!! Are you okay?....”

After each “accident” I would run down the stairs, concerned for her well-being, and then put her back together again. And then occasionally have her do a double fall. My parents thought it was funny to frequently hear that, but they were a little concerned. Regardless, I did love Morris and I’d take her everywhere with me, until she mysteriously disappeared one day (like many of my toys that were broken and dirty).

Although I did not grow up to be abusive, Morris did live on and reincarnate into another red-headed baby doll that was given to my older daughter. Ironically she became a dirty mess, and was also taken everywhere. To this day Morris lives on, proudly sitting in my daughter’s room as a beloved centerpiece.

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