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POE'S GIRLFRIEND by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 100.00
Oil on wodd, 4”x 4.5”
Note that accompanies postcard:
Dear Saki,

I see this black & white wild princess every time I go to Agios Kyrikos. She recognizes me now and runs to me when she sees me… gives me lots of love. She’s tiny like a kitten, and won’t grow anymore. I whisk her up like a little mouse and cuddle her in my hand. She would make a perfect girlfriend for our handsome Poe. I told Yianni that I was going to take her since she’s a street cat, but he said that the flower shop owner cares for her so that’s that. I’ll just have to bring my Poe here. I think all the cats will think he’s the most exotic looking supermodel cat, and will loose their shits over him. They’ll be like “Who does he belong to??” Fyi, that’s what old people here say when they see a kid they don’t recognize, or “Who’s are you?” We still joke about that.

I wish you were here to float in the sea, drink coffee with me and get love from these wild felines. They know who loves cats.

Miss you baby! Love you forever and ever!

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