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MAURETANIA, THE WITCH OF WISDOM by artist Ludmila Bezusko

$ 200.00 $ 400.00

OOAK textile doll, primed and stained, over a copper wire frame. Modeled in the artist’s own technique by a needle and a thread. Decorated with antique beads and silver angel, birch twigs (collected on Beltane May Day), feathers and steampunk elements. Painted with acrylics, 13” tall 



Mauretania loves adventures, and she enjoys playing with her inner child.

Mauretania can do whatever she wants, and she doesn't care about what people say. She sings when it is raining, trying to be louder than the thunder. She speaks to the trees, trying to be quieter than the leaves. When she is dancing, the clouds flow faster. When she is smiling, her wishes come true... And not only hers...

And yes, sometimes she gets angry, and sad, and anxious, and... Well, we all have a shadow, right?

And she is not covering this side of herself; she is learning how to accept others through the acceptance of herself.

And that's why she is the Witch of Wisdom.

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