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Cactus Gallery LA

MAMITU by artist Alex Wells (The Ragged Caravan)

$ 500.00
Mixed media, 18” tall

MAMITU was a Mesopotamian goat-headed goddess of fate mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. She was said to determine the fate of humans and was a judge in the underworld. As I had some vintage beads shaped like discs and others like bells, I portrayed her as carrying the fates of souls in discs on her belt, with bells that she rings when she makes her fateful decisions.

Her dress is made from a Victorian blouse that came to me with many patches and places where it was darned. I didn’t do any of the needlework--it was already there. Her horns, underdress, and other wrappings are vintage taffeta, her ears from vintage leather gloves, and her goat legs made with remnants of German teddy bear fur. She comes with a vintage wood stand that adds another inch to her height.

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