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LA OFRENDA by artist Milka LoLo

$ 425.00

Acrylic and gold leaf on paper, 8 x 10"

About this piece:  Lo que hay en el plato es un glifo usado en varios codices (o al menos mi versión) que representa “tamales de agua” - una comida que se ofrecía a los dioses prehispánicos y que aun hoy se sigue ofrendando a los “dueños” de los cerros (espíritus protectores del lugar) en algunas comunidades indígenas. 

What is on the plate is a glyph used in several Aztec codices (or at least my version) that represent "water tamales" - a food that was offered to the pre-Hispanic gods and that even today is still offered to the "owners" of the hills (protective spirits of the place) in some indigenous communities.

** Aztec codices are Mesoamerican manuscripts made by the pre-Columbian Aztec, and their Nahuatl-speaking descendants during the colonial period in Mexico.

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