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LA MANO (del Artista) / The Hand #21 by artist Andrea Bogdan

$ 300.00

Acrylic and illustration board on pine, 9x12x1.5" 

About the piece: 
Lately I've been really curious about palmistry, so I used this Loteria card as an excuse to study the lines on my own hand and try to figure out what they mean! This hand is the true shape and lines of my right hand and fingers - as close as I could do it freehand. I'm not sure what all of it means, but supposedly the sun line under my ring finger is supposed to indicate that I'm very creative and only 5-6% of the population have that line (at least that's what the internet says). The gold ribbon with circles is from a pattern in a Gustav Klimt painting, and the blue ribbon with the stars is from an Alphonse Mucha painting. They are both artists whose work I especially loved when I was a teenager.

Riddle associated with this image: La mano de un criminal.

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