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LA BORRACHA (The Drunkard) #25 / ”Incognito Inebriette" by artist A.H.Romero

$ 300.00

Acrylic on wood panel, 13.5” x 10.5”

About the piece: The title words are synonyms of "Alcoholics Anonymous" and symbolic of my 18 months (so far) of sobriety. The background is a rough adaptation of the Miller High Life logo, this beer was my go-to choice when I was young and on a budget. The luchador mask on the model was a nod to my childhood memories of Lucha Libre but also served the purpose of concealing her identity.

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo Loteria card for EL BORRACHO.

The riddle associated with this image: Ah, qué borracho tan necio ya no lo puedo aguantar.
Oh, what an annoying drunk, I can't stand him any more.

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