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I’M A REAL BOY by artist Nancy Cintron

Cactus Gallery LA

I’M A REAL BOY by artist Nancy Cintron

$ 200.00

Oil on canvas, 10” x 20”

Info via Nancy: For the I'M A REAL BOY little jackass painting I sat outside laughing while I was painting it. I was thinking about my cousin's kid playing with a beach ball.... we were in a crowded park listening to music and he kept hitting people in the head over and over AND OVER.

Some of the people in one particular group kept getting whacked were sitting and eating... they were so patient with him. Finally I started snapping random pictures of him playing and as soon as he noticed he put his arms up in the air to show me his non-existant muscles. It was so funny because not only is he extremely shy & quiet, but he never speaks to me or makes too much eye contact, so when he showed me his boyhood strength, I said to my cousin - "I found my Pinocchio"! 

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