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FIRODI by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 150.00
Oil on wood, 6 1/2”x 3 1/4”
Note for this postcard:
Dear Victoria,

Every day, when the weather is good, I float here like a dead frog for hours. The salt content is so thick in the sea, that I barely need to move my arms & legs. I come here to float and not give a shit about anything. I wobble into the water and all my problems & worries go away.

Last week a bunch of us pulled an all-nighter at the coffee house. It was a sporadic surprise with music & dancing. When dawn came me and 5 of my female friends/cousins secretly went off to Firodi and swam in our underwear, (some in nothing at all.) Had the villagers known we did that, we would have been labeled as “crazy women”. Well we are Ikarian, so technically we are all crazy here. So pffff, whatever!
It was memorable. Wish you were here.

Love you babe!

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