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COYOLXAUHQUI REASSEMBLED, 2017 by artist Leonard Greco

$ 450.00

Painted recycled fabric , feather, polyfill , thread, glue, 24” x 14”

In Aztec mythology, Coyolxauhqui ("Face painted with bells" in Nahuatl) was a daughter of Coatlicue and Mixcoatl and is the leader of the Centzon Huitznahuas, the southern star gods. Coyolxauhqui ruled over her brothers, the Four Hundred Southerners, she led them in attack against their mother, Coatlicue, when they learned she was pregnant, convinced she dishonored them all.

Via Leonard: My work generally attempts to address the disenfranchised primarily through the exploration of queer figures, but in this collection I sought to place laurels upon women who have historically been maligned: be it wrathful goddesses or falsely accused seductresses, their stories are always complex and warrant thoughtful reflection.

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