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CONSTANZAE PTEROESSA by artist Anima ex Manus Art Dolls (Ioanna Tsouka)

$ 350.00
Mixed media, 18.5” tall
Paperclay over a wire and foil armature, fabrics, ribbon, beads, black felt, leather, cotton lace, black tibetan lamb hair. Her bat wings are detachable.

Her first name derives from a bat species (as a cactus pollinator), the subspecies Tadarida brasiliensis constanzae, while it also means 'perseverence'. The second name, 'pteroessa' means 'she who can fly' in ancient Greek.

The bat wings are detachable. She can sit or be hanged on the wall, with or without the wings.

She holds a prickle pear (opuntia) on her right hand, while a phial of Saguaro wine is attached to her belt. The colorful V pattern on the upper part of her outfit is a reference to Aztecs, who symbolically linked the ripe red fruits of an opuntia to human hearts. You'll find opuntias here and there, on her hair and her dress. She also has a black and golden tattoo with the number 13 written in Latin, on her left arm, to mark the number of years!

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