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CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ by artist Michelle Waters

Cactus Gallery LA

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ by artist Michelle Waters

$ 375.00

Acrylic on wood, 9” x 12"

California Dreamin’ features our beautiful Gray Whales and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. On the West Coast, Gray Whales are famous for making the longest migration of any mammal, nearly 6,800 miles one way from their Arctic feeding grounds to the lagoons of Baja California, where they breed and birth their calves.

Gray Whales were decimated by the whaling industry in the 19th century and their population came back when they were given legal protection.

During this year’s migration, dozens of gray whales have washed up dead up and down the West Coast, and many have been emaciated. Scientists are trying to figure out what is happening, and there are concerns that the whales’ food sources are depleted due to climate change.

Pacific White Sided dolphins are gregarious and highly intelligent like all dolphins, and live in large social groups. They will care for sick or injured dolphins. They are commonly seen playing and riding bow waves of boats on the California coast.

Michelle will be donating part of the proceeds from art sales to Sea Shepherd and Turtle Island Restoration Network.

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