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Cactus Gallery LA

BANSHEE by artist Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll's Lounge)

$ 625.00

Banshee is 15 - 15.7" tall, depending on the chosen posture (the back is pose-able). I have chosen an arched back but it can be straight too.

Her head is ball jointed which allows the doll to take many different poses. The arms are also pose-able just please bend the arms at elbow or shoulder height NOT by moving the hands, there is a risk they might break.

Banshee has no legs, but wears a long dress and coat that Simona hand dyed with tea and coffee. The coat can be removed. 

Banshee floats and screams and wants you! That is why the right hand has a pointing index finger. In her left hand she holds a wooden stick with a skull on top of it. The stick is made of paper clay to resemble wood. The stick is not attached to the doll, so please, when posing the doll remove the stick, pose the doll and put the stick back in her hand. 

The doll has a strong wire armature and a soft body, she is standing on a wooden base which is included.

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