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Anubis by artist Anita Inverarity

Cactus Gallery LA

Anubis by artist Anita Inverarity

$ 250.00

Ink & Gold Leaf on paper, 6" x 10", framed to 9" x 12"

Anubis is the black Jackal headed god of death and the afterlife - often appearing in full jackal form. At beastly level he is a social scavenger representing the decay of flesh and the rich Earth of the Nile delta- the constant circle of death and rebirth. 

At a spiritual level he plays an important role as a guide in the afterlife, initiating the "weighing of the heart" ceremony to ensure subjects worth. Anubis reminds us that human life is only fleeting and mortal yet what we do and how we live whilst here is of importance.

I like the idea of an animal deity sitting as judge and jury and particularly one considered to be a lowly scavenger and grave robber in every day life.

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