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ANATOMICANDY by artist Anima ex Manus Art Dolls

$ 495.00

Mixed media; mix of polymer clays, paperclay, pure silk, tulle, wire, lace trims, vegan leather, acrylics and soft pastels.

Dimensions: approx. 43 cm/ 16.9" without her hat (20" incl. hat)

She has a loop on her back and is ready to hang. Her hat is removable, and it's easily attached with magnets (you simply place it on her head, to the right side, and it'll stay). 

The inspiration behind this piece was the fine moral line between food as a fuel and food as a sinful pleasure. There are many labels put to confectionery: "unhealthy", "dangerous", "childish". It almost feels like candy, in all its deprecating wrapping, has no place in today's whole, unprocessed and organic world; albeit, the ubiquity of candy is undeniable (conveniently located next to every single cash register worldwide, among other places).

This piece is an attempt to re-imagine, in a fun and light-hearted way, the omnipresent yet demonized candy as a carrier of childhood nostalgia, all those sweet-savoring moments that make us smile and reminisce.

The original idea came to me while remembering my mom's words when I was little, whenever she caught me eating a bit of chocolate or enjoying a lollipop, "these things will stay inside forever!", and I used to get this pictured in my head, with old sweets, jellybeans and cake bites showing through X-rays after years and years!
This memory, merged with my fascination with medical vintage wax models and anatomical Venuses, guided me to create this piece for the "Delicatessen" show :)

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