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ALIENBOTS: CHIPPED BRAIN by artist Opal Unicorn (Laura Castellaños)

$ 245.00

Acrylic paint with mixed media, paper on wood, 8" x 10”, framed to 10" x 12"

Via the artist:  “A Chipped Brain" was the term to describe a microchip embedded brain. Something many alienbots went through since they were made of so many types of mechanical, silicon, synthetic, polypropylene, ABS, polyethylenex-03.A, acetate, Elmer’s glue, cardboard name it!

Many were made with junk microchip parts that are re-soldered to create life in the membrane called the brain-chip energetic phenomenon; a creation that was part man, part machine.

An alien species came down from a shitty planet somewhere lost in the universe, a lost star in the sky of dreams and technology. Marigold was one such alienbot... not special, just made from second hand landfill parts, a way to recycle reduce reuse .....a new beginning, a new chance at life. She always carried hope that one day she would leave alienbot town and make it to human town and enjoy love among the humans.

Marigold knew she was an alienbot but she felt real could you tell if your brain was a hologram of a real brain? Did she count ? The internal dialogue was too great, the rumenating, the troubles of her chip brain shocking her by some remote Wi-Fi tower whenever her thoughts were too dark.

It was for the best, a nice cheap form of psychological health care that was provided for the alienbots on behalf of the Republic of Humans, an ambassador egalitarian wrote laws for the justice of alienbots, being half sentient after all ......

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