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A SHAPE SHIFTER by artist Riitta Tuulia Beattie

$ 400.00
Needle felted doll with a wire armature. Wet felted clothing. Alpaca / sheep wool, silk, hand dyed leather, birch bark and sticks. The doll is posed with a metal doll stand which is included. The doll is 19'' (48.26 cm) tall. The diameter of a leather drum is 3 1/4 " (8.3 cm). The clothing, the drum, a beater and the doll stand are not removable.

Riitta’s inspiration for the doll comes from the shaman art of Susan Seddon Boyle and her fox like dog, Taika. Taika is a Finnish word for a spell and magic. The last two images are that of Boyle's and sweet Taika.

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