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7 LA ESCALERA (The Ladder) by artist Anima ex Manus Art Dolls

$ 400.00

Mixed media; mix of polymer clays, paperclay, variety of highest quality papers, gold leaf, paper flowers, wire, vintage metallic miniature birds, lace trims, wooden shadow box, acrylics and soft pastels,  8 x 10"

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo card for LA ESCALERA.

The riddle associated with this image:

Súbeme paso a pasito, no quieras pegar brinquitos.
Lift me step by step, but don't try and skip.

About the piece:  The ladder can take you to places you wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach; and of all the places, the way to your heart, to yourself, is the most difficult one to reach, if at all. This thought was my inspiration for this interpretation of la escalera.

The steps on the ladder are a bit crooked, just like our steps to reach deep inside our soul and finally know ourselves are often difficult and dangerous or even painful at times. Also, the steps on the ladder are 7, as la escalera is the number 7 in the Loteria game. Don't try to skip any steps though; be careful and take it one step at a time, with care, understanding and forgiveness. And once you reach those deepest, hidden places within you, you shall set yourself free and weightless as a bird!

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