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#48 LA CHALUPA / Bear and Bear Wife in a Canoe (The Canoe) by artist Holly Wood

$ 320.00 $ 400.00

Acrylic gouache on panel, 9” x 12”

Background info: Bear and Bear Wife are characters in an old Haida tribal story. A human woman fell in love with Bear (the archetype Bear- a god? At the very least the personification of all things Bear). She lived happily with him and they had children.

At one point, men from her human tribe captured her and her cubs and took them back to their village. She was not happy living with the humans, and escaped to rejoin her beloved Bear. Her half-human children elected to stay with the humans, and are the reason some humans have certain bear-like qualities.

This composition will be the introductory page of my graphic novel "A Woman and a Bear"; a modernization of this old legend.

Riddles associated with this image: Rema rema va Lupita, sentada en su chalupita.
La chalupa rema y rema se va para Xochimilco

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