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48 LA CHALUPA (The Canoe) / ¿Quisiera Chalupa? by artist Bill Wheeler

$ 125.00 $ 250.00

Acrylic and Prismacolor on panel, 8” x 10” plus frame. 

Also shown here is the original Loteria card for LA CHALUPA.

Riddle associated with this image:
Rema rema va Lupita, sentada en su chalupita.
Every Loteria card has a dicho, a saying, phrase, or riddle that accompanies it, which is read by the Loteria Master just like the numbers in a game of Bingo. The dicho that goes with card 48, “La Chalupa” (the canoe or little boat) is: “Rema, rema, va Lupita, sentada en su chalupita”. “Rowing, rowing, Lupita goes, seated in her little boat”.

A chalupa is a canoe or tiny boat, it’s also a food similar to a taco.

Lupita, rowing her little canoe through the canals of the Gardens of Xochimilco, is a farmer’s daughter, and also a hard working partner of a farm family. She sells her wares every day so her family can survive. She is a young goddess of the earth, providing nourishment, unaware of her importance to the web of life.

Lupita, diminutive of Lupe, is a derivation of Guadalupe.
The tablecloth (or it could be her dress) is blue, this color symbolizes constancy, fidelity, genuineness, and aspiration. It is the color associated with the Blessed Virgin and also the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Green symbolizes the hope and life of each new day. The green gardens of Xochimilco are behind Lupita.

The shape of the chalupa and Lupita combined is reminiscent of the shape of the tin milagros, especially the Sacred Hearts. Milagros, and also representations of the Virgin of Guadalupe, have “rayos”, or rays of light and power, emanating around them. There are six plumes (rayos) of steam arising from the chalupa. Six is the number of creation, and perfection, symbolizing Divine power, majesty, wisdom, love, mercy, and justice.

The “dicho” for my painting is:
“Lupita rema en su chalupita, vendiendo ricas chalupas fritas”.
“Lupita rows in her little boat, selling delicious fried chalupas”.
Feeding her world with humble grace.

Wm. Earling Wheeler, July, 2022

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