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44 EL CANTARITO (The Water Pitcher) / Aquarius by artist Jessica Yambao

$ 150.00

Paper doll, 9 x 12”

This piece is an ode to Jessica's astrology sign Aquarius. Her Filipino Aquarian paper doll wears a cocktail terno dress inspired by one worn by Jessica's Mom in the late 1950s. The red pitcher also reminds her of the giant Calamba Claypot in the Philippines. “Kalamba” means “water jar”.

“Aquarius is the water bearer. This air sign stands firm and resolute; holding a jug filled with the aquatic depths that Pisces swims in, but never entering it. This is because Aquarius prefers to be a guide. A breeze off of the ocean tide, but never the ocean itself.” 

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo card for EL CANTARITO.
The riddle associated with this image: Tanto va el cántaro al agua, que se quiebra y te moja las enaguas.

So often does the jug go to the water, that it breaks and wets your slip.

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