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#25 EL BORRACHO (The Drunkard) by artist Nancy Cintron

$ 200.00 $ 375.00

Oil on canvas board, 9” x 12” x 1.5”

The secret name is "El Borracho en el Dia de Inaguración 2017".
He had dreams that something good was going to happen, but he gave up.

The artist is the borracho painting the painting. Behind the drunken clown you can see Cat Steven's Teaser and the Fire Cat (with Peace Train). The hope written on the chalk board is an excerpt from "Peace Train".

The drunken clown is a mix of our unified disappointed spirits and that of Koyala, the Hopi Clown Healer. The black & white stripes represent Koyala, who not only heals through humor, but mimics & points out people's bad behavior. He's also a glutton.

Riddle associated with this image:  ¡Ah! qué borracho tan necio, ya no lo puedo aguantar!

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