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Cactus Gallery LA

67 LOS PLATANOS (The Plantains, 2 for 1) by artist Ulla Anobile

$ 120.00

Hand stitched wool/rayon felt, sequins, kebab stick, wooden beads, 3” x 5”

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo card for LOS PLATANOS.

About the piece:  My interpretation is a riff on ‘Comedian’, a conceptual art piece by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, in which he duct-taped a real banana to the gallery wall. 2 ‘editions’ of this were purchased at $120.000 a piece. The banana was taken off the wall & eaten twice at different venues by viewers. The last person, an art student, re-taped the banana peel back to the wall, calling his act a joke. Many ‘takes’ on the ‘wall banana’ have been created & published on different social media venues. I thought I’d join the crowd.

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