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Tiny Treasures XI, 2016

"Tiny Treasures XI"
Scheduled to run November 12 - December 31, 2016

Cactus Gallery is happy to host our eleventh annual small works show. Expect acrylic and oil paintings, mixed media works, handmade ornaments, hand painted pendants, embroidery, felted works, paper mache, handcrafted jewelry, and itty bitty sculptures.

This will be a cash and carry style show and all works are priced $10 - $100. Give the gift of art!

Participating Artists:
Donna Abbate, Kat Anderson, Ulla Anobile, Julie B., Elisa Belloni, Christine Benjamin, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Jodi Bonassi, Tanya Bond, Debra Broz, Anna Chung, Mary Clark Camargo, Cora Crimson, Sheri DeBow, Rosie Garcia, Kim Gordon, Walt Hall, Annette Hassell, K Howell, Anita Inverarity, Rasa Jadzeviciene, Kamenthya, Brooke Kent, Patricia Krebs, Malathip Kriheli, Mavis Leahy, Linda Lyons, Candace McKay, Miriam Martinez, Jazmin Molina, Tammy Mae Moon, Richelle Nicole, Nobu Happy Spooky, Nichol Norman, Roger O'Leary-Archer, Daisuke Okamoto, Janet Olenik, Oxley and Mortimer Jewelry, Vera Paras, Sarah Polzin, Olga Ponomarenko, Jen Raven, Bobby Rojas, Joshua Roman, Lena Sayadian, Carolina Seth, Mable Song, Kelly Thompson, Ted von Heiland, Joe Vollan, Yishu Wang, Michelle Waters, Christopher Willingham, Holly Wood, Gabriela Zapata and more.

Contact Sandra at for questions or commission work.