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Skye Becker Yamakawa at Cactus Gallery

Northern California artist Skye Becker-Yamakawa was born in the Bay Area. She grew up in the Los Trancos Woods of Portola Valley surrounded by a wealth of inspiration. Skye spent her days playing with her pets, exploring nature, looking at comic books, and learning how to draw and create art.

Skye took any and all art classes available in high school and went on to San Jose State to study art. She has been painting and doing her own art for over fifteen years. She lives and breathes art and is constantly studying and growing as an artist. Skye draws upon her environment, dreams, and her childhood for inspiration.

Skye’s work is celebrated and supported by many art collectors around the world. She has shown in the Los Gatos Art Museum and different galleries across California.

Skye has recently exhibited her work at FE Gallery in Sacramento (CA), Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles (CA), La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles (CA), Swoon Gallery in Los Angeles (CA), Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek (CA), Secessions Art Gallery in San Francisco (CA), Picture This Gallery in Long Beach (CA), Art Attack SF in San Francisco (CA), Sally Centrigrade in Lakewood (CO), Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn (NY), and La Bodega Gallery in San Diego (CA). She has upcoming shows in Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego.