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Cactus Gallery LA

YOU LOOK FAMILIAR by artist Samantha Jane Mullen

$ 800.00

Paper clay and paper mache wall-hanging sculpture

In Medieval Europe, The Mask of Shame or Schandmaske (German) was used to torture predominantly women (shocker) for unsociable behaviors like talking back to men, eavesdropping, cursing and drinking -- all things I thoroughly enjoy.

These masks were metal cages, often outfitted with spikes and other ornaments of torture, which employed features of various animals to represent the victim's perceived offense. This piece is a reimagination of the Scold's Bridle, sometimes called the Witch's Bridle, as a celebration of all the mouthy, blue-talking, eavesdropping women I love so dearly.

Here's to all the shameless misbehaving witches and their animal familiars, may you revel in your untamed ways!

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