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16 LA BANDERA (It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature/The Ecology Flag) by artist Kelly Thompson

$ 300.00

Stencils, Spray Paint, Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Resin

Framed to 8 1/2 x 101/2"

Mother Nature is seeing fire and wind at what we are doing to her. 

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo card for LA BANDERA.
Riddle associated with this image: Verde blanco y colorado, la bandera del soldado.

About the Ecology Flag:

The Ecology Flag is a cultural symbol used primarily in the 1970s by American environmentalists. It's a symbol of people's commitment to clean up the environment.

Ron Cobb created an ecology symbol which he published on October 25, 1969 in the Los Angeles Free Press and then placed in the public domain. The symbol was formed by taking the letters "e" and "o", taken from the words "environment" and "organism", and putting them in superposition, thereby forming a shape reminiscent of the Greek letter.

Jack Shepherd, then Senior Editor at Look magazine, incorporated Cobb’s symbol into an image of a flag for Look’s April 21, 1970 issue. This widely popularized the theta symbol, which is associated with the Greek word thanatos (death), pointing to human threats to the environment and atmosphere of the earth. Shepherd patterned the flag after the flag of the United States, with thirteen stripes alternating green and white, the green standing for unspoiled land and the white for clean air.[1] Its canton was green with the ecology symbol where the stars would be in the United States flag.

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