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RISE by artist Jen Raven

Cactus Gallery LA

RISE by artist Jen Raven

$ 200.00

Acrylic and ink on artist-wrapped canvas, 11" x 14"

'Rise' tells a story of the journey back, to the surface, after a visit down, into the Dark.  This painting depicts that place of in-between, where both light and dark are equally accepted, valued, and respected.

Regular journeys down into the Dark are a necessary part of who I am, and I accepted that about myself long ago.  I don't fight on the way down, as I once did; because I know that I can, and will, find my way back again, when it is time.

There is nothing inherently wrong about the Dark.  Rather; when we deny these essential parts of our own selves, we create stress and difficulty that manifests itself in unhealthy ways ~which we then blame on the Dark, rather than on our own lack of self-acceptance. 

My journeys into the Dark continue to prove useful upon return to the surface; I gain new insights with each round trip; I return 'pregnant' with deeper understandings, which often become valuable new concepts applied to my work, valuable new lessons applied to my life. 
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