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FURIES, 9th annual show by artist Patricia Krebs

Patricia Krebs
Opening reception: Saturday, May 12, 2018 *6p-9p
May 12 - June 2, 2018
Furies /ˈfjʊərɪz/ pl. n. Latin: furia. (classical mythology) Underworld goddesses of vengeance and retribution -usually three- who pursued unpunished criminals.

Within this context, the characters portrayed in this new series are being judged by the Furies because they have committed a crime of some sort which has gone unpunished by human justice -- including moral offenses or dishonest acts. 

Does Art have Ethics? Yes and no. You can paint, write, perform as an actor the most horrible deed, yet because it is a fiction, you can't be punished for it. But Art does have a message, and within that message there's always an ideology and a moral. 

I trust the good judgement of the audience, who will take some time to perceive and debate the scenes in my work, with the wish that the conversation between us will allow us to see things with more clarity, humor, and hope.


Human and cultural relationships have always interested me, so I've often painted about them. For a long time though, I've been wanting to paint about current or historical social and political issues, but for whatever reasons, I didn't until now. 

With everything that's presently happening in the world, I thought it was necessary to express that --in my view-- it is not good to get used to what's wrong, naturalizing it or making it the norm.

Different societies deal with problems with a different idiosyncrasy: some are more combative and some are more self-repressed. I personally believe it's not good to hold frustration inside, and at the same time it's not good to take it out on everyone around us just because we're upset. The question is what to do with it, how to help to make things better. 

The system feeds from our discontent; when we feel helpless, many of us look for distractions instead of deep analysis, so we basically just consume, contributing even more to a vicious cycle which benefits those who oppress us by taking advantage of our numbness. 

Many times people find comfort in the idea of Divine Justice when things don't feel very just 'down here'. To me, that's no consolation, for in order to change what is wrong, we must first confront it.

My job as an artist is to perceive and to find ways of expression, not only for myself but also to make others feel identified through my works. I find that the power of art resides in making the ugly more inviting, so that the beauty, the metaphors and the humor, help us open our eyes and our minds.

So, I've decided to transform the mythical Furies into messengers who come and say to us in this historical moment that some things just cannot be accepted. The Furies are strong female divinities judging a world ruled by men... and what could be more current than that?

Patricia Krebs. Buenos Aires, 2018.