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EOSTRE by artist Ilaria Vestri of Disfairy

$ 595.00

Ēostre is the goddess of vegetative awakening. She is connected to fertility and the hare.

She is also known as the goddess of the dawn, spring and rebirth.  

Mixed media; clay and vintage cloth. The clay parts are painted with restorer’s pigments which allow Ilaria to create warmer colors with an antique charm, 19.6" tall (50 cm).

The doll is made to be hung. There is a simple lever beneath the skirt that rotates the head. 

A wee bit of history:

Why does a bunny have a place in Easter decorations? It is said that goddess Eostre found a bird with frozen wings and saved it by transforming it into a rabbit, which retained the ability to lay eggs. 

For this reason the grateful rabbit (or hare) who serves Eostre is able to lay colored Easter eggs on her festival in the spring time. Egg have always been a symbol of the resurrection, and therefore used as an illustration at Easter.

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