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CΠΛΑΧΝΑ - Flora Viscera by artist Ioanna Tsouka of Anima ex Manus Art Dolls

$ 500.00

This piece revolves around the idea of ‘hidden gardens’ within oneself, in a symbolic and surreal way, reflecting the complexity of the human experience.

The “gate” serves as a portal to the internal landscape, where hidden gardens unfold and become a metaphor for the labyrinthine interplay of emotions, memories, and the ever-changing nature of the self.

The visceral flora symbolize a delicate dance of beauty and decay, a poignant reminder of life and fragility.

CΠΛΑΧΝΑ is a juxtaposition of hidden gardens and internal anatomical structures, that echo both the ephemeral and enduring aspects of our journey, contemplating on the delicate, paradoxical balance between existence and impermanence, embracing the profound intricacies that make us beautifully human.

Mixed media: paperclay, polymer clay, wire, tulle, silk, vintage trims, felt, mulberry paper. Her arms and legs are lightly poseable/ bendable. She is hand-painted with soft pastels, acrylics and coloured pencils, and sealed with matte and gloss varnish. She can be displayed on the wall, as she has a hoop on her back; she can also be displayed on a doll stand (not included) or seated on any surface with some back support. Her costume is not removable.

Dimensions: approx. 16.9’’ tall/43 cm

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Around her waist, there is a small pouch that can be removed (simply by cutting the jute cord), and opened. There are 3 smaller pouches inside, with 3 different kinds of flower seeds (I included a photo of them below), that can be planted, so that the collector can grow their own "hidden garden".

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