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MAN CAGE by artist Andrea Bogdan

$ 300.00

Acrylic, resin and glue on wood, wire, and paper, 9 x 12.5"

About the piece:  Made from refuse given to me by my artist neighbors Darrell Harvey (cigarette boxes), and David Lovejoy (rusty wire). The wood was broken in half by me (by accident), the cardboard is from my art supplies, and the quote is from a book published by Dr. Seuss called "Put Me in the Zoo".

I wanted to see if I could freestyle this project in the same way I do my paintings... just experimenting without a plan. The word "cage" came to my mind for the title when I found the book quote on the same day that I painted the wire which was the same day I heard someone say "cage" when they meant "cave" and I thought about the phrase "man cave" and how a person who does not use english all the time might think it is really "man cage" and that made me laugh, and so that's how it got its name.

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