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Winding Down by artist Joshua Coffy

Cactus Gallery LA

Winding Down by artist Joshua Coffy

$ 507.00 $ 725.00

Mixed media, 16” x 20”

Via the artist: I chose the chimpanzee because I think we see a lot of ourselves mirrored back in them.  At times we take for granted how frail and vulnerable all animals are.  When we are face to face with primates like chimpanzees our hearts soften a bit.  We can see their struggles, their joys, their curiosities immediately like looking in a mirror.  I painted the kingfisher with my chimpanzee to speak even more to the fragile and gentle touch and the delicate balance that we must hold for these creatures and all others.  We are all connected and we must do what we can to strengthen and share that connection.

Chimps are on the IUCN "red list" of critically endangered species. They are losing their homes and the number of chimps in the wild is steadily decreasing. One of the main causes is the alarming rate at which forests are cut down for farming, settlements, and other activities.

Chimpanzees are hunted for bushmeat and the scale of hunting has increased dramatically, becoming heavily commercialized with much of the meat now going to urban residents.

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