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NEPTUNE’S RIDE #8 by artist Donna Abbate

$ 157.50 $ 210.00

Watercolor and colored pencil on paper, 13.5" x 10.5", matted and framed to, 16" x 20"

About the piece: I was drawn to the sea spirits and deities aspect of this show, the mystical representatives of the ocean, as protectors and, as in greek mythology, the bearer of consequences. 

Our human impact on the oceans invite consequences as large as the gods and goddesses themselves.
“Neptune’s Ride” are concept illustrations for a mythical short story. The story is about a seagull named Laros, who is too lazy to fly. Therefore, he trick’s Neptune’s hippocampus cohort and mesmerizes him into forgetting who he was, and forgetting his master, Neptune.
The hippocampus lets Laros sit upon its saddle as it gallops atop the ocean waves, and Laros gloats in his cleverness, but his motivation to spare himself effort only brings the scolding of Neptune.
Neptune banishes Laros to an ocean with no end, where the rising seas cover all the lands, and Laros must fly forever in search of a place to call home. 

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