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Cactus Gallery LA

MAX by artist Valerie Savarie

$ 200.00 $ 250.00

Upcycled clothing, book scraps, branch and acryla gouache, 15" tall 

My maternal grandmother’s name was Maxine however she went by Marie. She had multiple bumper stickers that said “Foxy Grandma” and had red hair. So this little fox is named after her.

He has a little heart “tattoo” with flames and wings which symbolizes his love for the world and my love for my grandmother. Because he is a fox and likes to sneak around at night his little hat can be pulled over his face to better conceal himself during late night escapades!

As it happened one night not too long ago, Max was out frolicking in the stream than ran through his favorite forest and slipped on a rock and broke his leg. Thankfully this will only be a brief slow down to energetic nightly frolics.

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