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LIFE BEGINS by artist Carolina Seth

$ 200.00

Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper, 4” x 6”, matted and framed in a vintage frame to 7” x 9” 

Via Carolina: I chose to depict a sleeping eastern quoll baby. It is a little, spotted marsupial native to Australia. I chose it because its story is of hope and possibilities.

In March 2018, 20 quolls were transplanted from Tasmania to the mainland of Australia, where they went extinct 50 years ago. Scientists attribute disease, predators, and habitat loss for their disappearance. The once extinct tiny creature returns to Australia for the first time in five decades and has been introduced back into the wild.

This is a happy story and I’m hopeful for our world. It shows that with care, determination and working together, problems can be solved.


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