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TAKE A CHANCE DREAM MOBILE by artist Andrea Bogdan

$ 220.00

The "Take A Chance" Dream Mobile is 44” from top of the cord to the bottom of the lowest hanging piece. It's made from wire, string, acrylic paint, super thick card stock, polyurethane, vintage paper beads, and hand-sculpted paper clay beads.

It has these symbols:

You are jumping: Indicates you need to take a risk and go for it!

Tricycle: Marks that you will have a firmer ground and therefore this will bring you success and satisfaction.

Buttons: Represents wealth and security.

Tiger wandering around and not bothering anybody: You are probably afraid of something, but don't need to worry as it won't come to harm you.

Building: Symbolizes your brain and how you think.

Door: Movement between two states of being.

Window: Insight and attitude towards life.


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