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34 EL SOLDADO (The Soldier) by artist Simona Mereu

$ 695.00

Mixed media, 13.7" tall (35cm)

This dystopian soldier in high uniform represents a future not too far away when people turned back to pagan gods and goddesses.

In this case this ethereal woman is holding a sun symbol, this is because the heat on earth has become unbearable and worshipping the sun gives them hope for survival.
Her colors are light, her braided (real braids) hair is white, as well as her complexion.

She has an oxygen mask with canister on her back.
Everything is beautifully decorated. Everything has to be perfect for the sun ceremony...

She holds a decorated arrow in her hand.

Her boots match the colors of her mask and other accessories.

Head is ball jointed and arms are posable.
Never put pressure on the hands, instead move the arms at the elbows.

Also shown here is the original Don Clemente Gallo card for EL SOLDADO.

The riddle associated with this image:

Uno, dos y tres, el soldado p'al cuartel.
One, two and three, the soldier heads to the fort.

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