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Our annual SUMMER SALE runs August 1-31, 2018.

This collection houses works from shows earlier in the year that the artists have graciously discounted 20% - 50% for our annual summer sale. 

Think ahead, as these would be awesome gifts for the holidaze!

Art purchased from this sale can be picked by at the gallery by arranging a day/time with Sandra. Contact info: Art that needs to be shipped will be mailed within one week of the purchase; shipping fees will be collected via Paypal or check.

**Free shipping within the U.S. for all purchases over $400.**

Participating artists: Douglas Alvarez, Ulla Anobile, Lea Barozzi, Christine Benjamin, Terri Berman, Denise Bledsoe, Robert Bowen, Lacey Bryant, Catherine Bursill Moore, Olivier Castillon, Jon Ching, Nancy Cintron, Joshua Coffy, Kylie Dexter (Dolldrums), Bob Doucette, Austin Eddy, Eden Folwell, Rosie Garcia, Annette Hassell, Hollywood Indian, Ilaamen, Emily Ipolani, GS Khalsa, Mavis Leahy, Ann Lim, Leon Loucher, Malathip, Jonathan Martinez, Miriam Martinez, Martina Moreno, Janet Olenik, MJ Orgeron, Marsha Perloff (Salvage Art Sweetheart), Dewi Plass, Sarah Polzin, Tania Pomales, Myriam Powell, Jen Raven, Meghan Ritchey, Joshua Roman, Lena Sayadian, Carolina Seth, Kelly Thompson, Ingrid Tusell, Kelly Vetter, Tammy Wampler, Michelle Waters, Holly Wood, Simone Young, Gabriela Zapata and Sue Zola & Evad